My Story

Hello! I’m Dharma, and I’ve been obsessed with skincare since an early age. I’m a regular alchemist in my bathroom surrounded by bottles of serums, oils, lotions and potions. Self-care, not just skincare, has always been my way of hitting the reset button. When I find myself anxious about something, a soothing Korean sheet mask or a deep conditioning hair pack can usually help me regain composure. 


Some may question: should a superficial beauty treatment really be the answer to centering yourself? Is that the true essence of self-care? Slapping on a face mask? Definitely not. But I do believe taking time to care for yourself, and allowing yourself to be in the moment, is part of the process. My approach to self-care is how some of you may approach yoga or any form of exercise. It’s something that allows you to break away from the chaos inside your head, to be present in the moment. And if that includes smelling like jasmine and rose-hip seed oil, then why not?


Since I find self-care to be so beneficial to my well-being, I’ve made it a point to teach my toddler, Mishka, how to care for herself too. I say things like, “don’t forget to lotion your back” or remind her to embrace her curly hair, “this cream will bring those beautiful curls to life." I want her to become familiar with what to put on her face, skin and hair and develop a healthy relationship with her body. I don’t want her to flat-iron her hair everyday when she’s older because she isn’t sure how to style her gorgeous curls. Or leave the house without sunscreen because she just doesn’t know the importance of it. I also want her to know it’s OK to indulge in herself and take time to care for herself whenever she feels like it. 

Love, Mishka exists to support moms who'd like to teach their toddlers self-care. 

I am building Love, Mishka to curate and share skin, hair, body and other care ideas you can easily implement with your toddlers. This includes clean products and practices I read about or am loving with Mishka. The more we prioritize these healthy beauty rituals with our little ones, the more adept they will become at them. 


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Hope you enjoy reading Love, Mishka as much as I love packaging it up for you. Please email me at if you’d like to learn more about a specific topic or if you’d like to share any special products or rituals you and your little ones love.

Why subscribe to Love, Mishka?

Let’s start them young. We potty train our children, teach them to feed themselves, brush their own teeth… but we don’t spend nearly enough time teaching them how to care for their skin, hair and body. Love, Mishka offers ideas that moms can implement in their toddlers' daily routines, building a healthy foundation for self-care.

Self-care builds self-love. Learning to prioritize self-care and healthy beauty rituals will teach children to adequately care for and love their unique skin, hair and bodies.

Housed under one roof. From wellness baby massages in Singapore, to elaborate (and super cute) baby face massages in Korea, to making home-made, wild turmeric body scrubs in India; clean beauty practices for children are age-old and prevalent. I’m simply creating a space to house these under one roof to make life easier for busy moms.

Love, Mishka believes:

Moms and toddlers have a right to know what they’re putting on and in their bodies.

Toddlers are not too young to start developing healthy self-care routines.

Moms can teach their toddlers self-love through self-care.

Moms want to feel supported by and connected to other moms.

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