• Dharma Nemani

A brand worth knowing: Bubbsi

Sweta Doshi, Founder of Bubbsi

I was recently introduced to Sweta Doshi, founder of Bubbsi, through a mutual friend. Sweta started out in the beauty industry but her love for skincare and desire to create truly clean, efficacious skincare products for little ones led her to founding this line of clean, coconut oil skincare. “When my daughter developed eczema, I found myself underwhelmed at the skincare options for my sweet girl and her sensitive skin. After several years of industry experience myself, I was still searching for something highly moisturizing and natural.”

Once I realized that Sweta and I are basically kindred spirits with an undying passion for ritualizing toddler skincare, I purchased Bubbsi. To my pleasant surprise, Bubbsi is based on the two-step moisturizing method, so I bought the Moisture Duo. This is not a #sponsoredpost and I’m sharing only because of how much we’re loving the products:

- The bottles are refillable and made out of food-grade silicone and come in the cutest characters. Mishka conquistador-ed one of the bottles to play with but I had to promptly seize to prevent spillage.

- Both the balm and cream are oil-based but not greasy or sticky. They’re whipped and honestly the perfect, non-messy consistency.

- My biggest struggle with clean products is they either don’t have a nice scent or worse, smell like yoghurt. These products have the lightest but most amazing baby scent which is 100% naturally derived.

I went back to Sweta to request a discount code for Love, Mishka subscribers because that’s how much I love the products. And she kindly obliged. If you decide to purchase, use MISHKA10 at checkout for 10% off first purchase.


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