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Mishka loves when we show her new things - her whole face will light up when she succeeds at doing them. On the flip side, if she isn’t able to get it after a few tries, she gets pretty worked up. In such situations, we found her exclaiming, “I can’t do it!”

I’ve learned over the years that the words we tell ourselves matter. If we tell ourselves, “I can’t” then this unfortunately becomes our reality. By changing the words we speak out loud, we can calm the negative chatter in our heads.

Our simple solution with Mishka has been positive affirmations in the mirror every morning as we get ready. We look at ourselves in the mirror (something about looking yourself directly in the eye when addressing yourself), and take turns to say a handful of affirmations out loud. We say things like: “I am strong” “I am kind” “I can do it” “I am beautiful”

Some days, Mishka adds goofy ones like, “I am bonkers!” and other days, she simply won’t be in the mood. But I still do them, because I know she’s listening. And also because these affirmations help me rewrite some of the negative narratives I subconsciously feed myself too.

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