• Dharma Nemani

At-home spa day 🧖‍♀️

Manicure 💅

You don’t need very much to set-up a spa situation for your little ones. We started by doing our nails - I like Piggy Paint because it’s non-toxic and water-based. The greatest thing about giving your toddler a manicure is then having them sit still until the paint dries. Piggy Paint, because it’s water-based, dries in minutes. But this is information you keep to yourself, “Mom is it dry yet?” “No… another 10 minutes… at least,” is what you would say.

PS: Boys can get their nails painted too!


We then moved onto face masking. I actually love this mask for myself and have written about it before. Mix greek yogurt + honey (I added a touch of turmeric), apply and allow it to dry for 10-15 mins. Cucumber slices to elevate the experience. Enjoy!

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