• Dharma Nemani

Bath fit for Venus

I recommend everyone try this with their toddler at least once. It was such a hit with Mishka and watching her face light up at the sight of the decadent rose bath made it all worth it. The bigger, waxier rose petals were easy to clean up but you don’t need roses, just any flowers you have around the house would do. Mishka “fished for rose petals” using a bath toy when we started draining the tub and this was bonus fun for her. I filled the tub as I normally would and added full rose heads and petals. I also threw in lemon slices for added vitamin C (and drama). You could add Lush bath bombs, bubble bath solution, etc. As Mishka sat in her bath fit for a goddess, I told her a short story about Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. It was also nice to not check off bath as yet another item on our nightly routine and allow for her to be more present in the experience. While we def won’t be drawing up rose baths on the reg, I want to try and create more mindful self-care experiences for her. Let me know if you might have any other ideas :)


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