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Best DIY toddler scrub

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Once when I was giving Mishka a bath, my mom noted that I wash her like I wash my pots and pans. What can I say? I like a thorough cleaning. But even if you’re not intense like me, and you’re interested in using a gentle scrub on your toddler occasionally, read on.

Important to note that toddlers do not need their skin exfoliated regularly because their skin turnaround rate is much faster than ours… yes, dewy skin is definitely wasted on toddlers. But using a gentle, natural scrub, especially if your toddler suffers from a common rash like keratosis pilaris, can be helpful. Also, it teaches them about exfoliating from a young age and that’s a life skill if you ask me.

My go-to scrub with Mishka is a simple mixture of chickpea flour and greek yogurt. Chickpea flour is an age-old Indian beauty secret - Indian aunties are basically incredible at sniffing out the magic that lies beneath mundane pantry products. Chickpeas are rich in vitamins A, B, K and according to this certified doctor + clinical nutritionist, these super peas have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can replace the yogurt with coconut oil like my friend Rikita does. Simply take a handful of the mixture and rub gently all over your toddler’s skin. Then wash off like normal. Some Indian aunties like to get fancy with it and add turmeric powder, another great anti-inflammatory agent. But be warned, turmeric may leave your child with a jaundice-like yellowish afterglow.

PS: Moms, chickpea does wonders for our skin too. Here's a step-by-step on how to use chickpeas for brightening, acne-controlling facials at home.

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