• Dharma Nemani

Cool off with rose water

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Last summer while we were still in Chicago, it got super hot at the playground and I noticed a mom spritzing her kid down with mist - simple yet so brilliant! I immediately ordered this spray bottle, filled it with water and left it in the stroller. Mishka loved getting sprayed and spraying herself (and everything around her). I still keep a spray bottle on-hand in the car for when we go to the beach or playground. But because I have a PHD in extra-ness, I add rosewater to the mix. This rose water is under $10, smells heavenly and has just two ingredients - water and rose oil. You can use any rose water available at your local grocery / wellness store too. Also moms, highly recommend rose water + cotton pad or as a face spray, post-cleansing. Is rose water that life-changing for your skin? Doubtful. Does it elevate the face washing experience and leave you smelling like a rose? YASSS.


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