• Dharma Nemani

Deep conditioning hair mask

I left town for a girls’ trip (mom self-care 101 🙌) last Friday and returned Sunday night. Mishka and her dad had the best time and everything was totally under control… except for Mishka’s curls.

When I snuck into her room to give her a kiss Sunday night, I could feel the knots in her hair (!!!). It’s high time I conducted a little hair workshop with my husband...starting with brushing out curls when wet.

Monday morning before school, I instated damage control. I soaked Mishka’s hair with a deep conditioner, focusing on the tips and left it in while she brushed her teeth and ate breakfast. I then used a wet-brush to brush out her curls under the shower, adding more conditioner along the way. After a bit of work and screaming (by both me and Mishka), I managed to get all the knots out. I then added a few drops of Argan oil to her wet hair and partially blow-dried it.

If your little one has curls, or if you’ve been swimming in salt water or pool water, a deep conditioning mask will work great as a quick reset for those luscious locks.


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