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Guest post: Deepavali-inspired slime with Marisa Walker, founder, @rattleandrollkids

Image via: @rattleandrolldkids

Hello everyone! It’s Marisa from @rattleandrollkids :)

For #scienceonsaturdays FESTIVAL LIGHTS week, we decided to explore Diwali and interpret what we learned in order to make Diwali-inspired slime. Diwali is a multi-day Hindu celebration, “symbolizing the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” As a result, the celebration includes lights galore: fireworks, sparklers, lanterns, clay lamps (called diyas) and more!

Each ingredient we added to our slime symbolized a unique cultural aspect of the celebration, which I talked through as we mixed. Here’s what we did: - Pour one 5oz bottle of @elmersproducts Glow in the Dark glue into a mixing bowl (glowing glue to symbolize LIGHT). - Mix in 2-3 small tubes of multi-colored glitter glue (to symbolize the COLORFUL clothing worn on the 3rd day of celebration) - Mix in ½ Tablespoon Baking Soda. - Then, mix 1 ¼ Tablespoon Saline Solution. Add more to make it less sticky...but add too much and it gets too firm! - Next, we added tiny note confetti (to symbolize the festive MUSIC)

We played with the slime for a while, took it into our darkest closet to see it glow, and right before we were done, we added Pop Rocks to the slime (to symbolize FIREWORKS!) PS: Note that the Pop Rocks are sugary, and make the slime sticky. So I’d suggest only adding this when you are done playing with the slime, since it’ll need to be discarded afterwards.

The result? Glowy, colorful, music-inspired, popping slime. It honestly was the best hands-on, cultural learning activity we’ve ever done. Happy Diwali, everyone!


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