• Dharma Nemani

Guest post: Stephanie Pena on tips to declutter and organize your toddler’s room

Meet Stephanie, my neighbor and good friend. When we have play dates at Steph’s place, her daughter Natalia and Mishka ransack their playroom. But Steph is never bothered, “As long as everything has a home, it’s so easy to reset in there,” she once wisely told me. Hope you pick up a couple of tips for keeping your toddler’s room a controlled chaos.

1. Give everything a home

As long as you have a designated place for each toy (even those teeny tiny random ones; doll shoes anyone?!) having play dates and making messes won’t feel as stressful. Cleanup will be a breeze and it’s easier to enlist the help of your little ones with designated containers for each set of toys. And while it’s nice to have separate containers for each specific toy or activity, you can easily have a “miscellaneous” box.

2. Work your way up!

Maybe you’re in a rental, don’t want to commit to a pricey closet system, or simply got shorted in the closet department! I use these bakers racks to add shelving that’s super functional and you have the option to adjust shelve heights as needed. Cube shelving also makes it easy to customize your space. I use these and they come in all different shapes, sizes and even fun colors.

3. Minimize to maximize.

Minimize your belongings to maximize your space! I keep small containers for keepsakes and we try to frequently donate clothes or toys that we no longer use. As your kids get older it’s also a good opportunity to involve them in the process of donating toys and what it means to do so. Taking a minimalistic approach to your space keeps things feeling clean aesthetically but also energetically which can create a more peaceful, calming environment which we can all use more of, right?

4. Invest in a label maker

And by invest I mean buy one like this one amazon for $20. Labeling things makes cleaning up easier but also finding things easier, “Honey where are the batteries again?!” An organized house is a more peaceful house. No more tearing the room apart looking for stuff when it’s right there in the closet labeled and easily accessible.

5. Make organization part of your decor

Take the time to find bins/baskets/containers that you really love and that become part of the design of your home. Even if containers are kept inside a closet, opt for colors and styles that coordinate with the room.

6. Get your toddler involved

I believe that being organized is a transferable skill that toddlers will benefit from for the rest of their lives (prioritizing activities, setting and achieving goals, time management, etc). If your child’s room is a mess, you can get them involved in the clean-up by offering them bins to put away some of the toys by themselves. When we go on playdates to other people’s home, I let Natalia pick one or two items she will help her friend put away before we leave.


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