• Dharma Nemani

Hair detanglers

Would you rather lay on a bed of nails than brush your toddler’s hair? OK maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but brushing the knots of out Mishka’s hair is not for the faint of heart. Because she has thick, curly hair, I only brush her hair when it’s still dripping wet post-shower or doused in oil. Even if your toddler has straighter hair, brushing their hair when it’s dry may lead to breakage. A detangling spray, at the very least, is every toddler’s best friend. We’ve used this TotLogic leave-in conditioner spray which is clean and effective. My friend, Crizen, recommends a spray with added lice prevention benefits like this one because school-going children have cooties of all varieties. Fact.

If your kid has thicker, curlier, coarser hair, an oil may be a better bet than spray. Coconut oil is perfect as a deep conditioner pre-swimming in a pool or ocean because it seals the hair from chlorine and salt. But I would avoid coconut oil for daily use because good ol’ coco is too thick and simply coats the hair instead of fully penetrating the follicle. This leads to a greasy head, i.e.: me and every other Indian kid during our childhood years. Fact.

Sunflower, avocado and argan are nourishing and non-greasy alternatives. I use this Argan oil on Mishka’s hair before every brushing escapade (sharing Amazon link for ease of purchase but fraction of cost in-store).


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