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Help your toddler love their body

My good friend recently introduced me to "A Mighty Girl" and I recommend all moms check it out, whether you have sons or daughters. The topics they discuss are wonderful and I've learned so much through their articles.

I particularly enjoyed this article, "7 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body" - please read it when you have some time. I’m summarizing key takeaways below:

Acknowledge and celebrate that all bodies look and work differently If a child innocently comments about someone's body, the best answer is often "because that's the way their body is." By responding this way, kids will realize that these differences are just part of human variety.

Focus on what bodies do, not what they look like Help our toddlers identify parts of their body that they love and discuss what those parts allow them to do: long arms that are perfect for monkey bars...strong legs that are great for swimming

Choose compliments focused on bodies carefully Compliment people on things you know they've chosen...someone's bright blue and purple hair, their funky shoes, or their vibrant lipstick

Speak kindly about your own body Before Mishka, I used to throw around things while looking in the mirror like, “my zit is taking over my face!” or “I'm so bloated.” But I now pick my words very carefully knowing she’s listening. The article says, “if you feel like it would be cruel to say those things [your kid], it's not something you should be saying to yourself either.” Preach!

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