• Dharma Nemani

Hidden veggies recipe

In a previous issue, I asked readers to send in their fav toddler recipes, especially ones with “hidden veggies.” Thank you to everyone who sent in their ideas - I’ll continue to share via upcoming issues. If you have easy, toddler-friendly recipes you’d like to share, please send them to me :)

Here’s one from my sweet friend, Caroline - thank you, Caro!

Our go-to meal with lots of hidden veggies is chickpea pasta with beet pesto!

Beet Pesto recipe: - 3 cleaned/dried beets - 2 cups of spinach - Handful of basil - 1/4 cup of favorite nuts (we love cashews or walnuts.....) - 1/4 cup (or maybe a pinch more) of freshly shredded parm - Lemon juice from one lemon - Salt to taste

Blend with oil until reaches desired consistency. We serve it over chickpea pasta with shredded chicken. The nine-month-old and two-and-a-half-year-old love it. The toddler loves that he can help make it.


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