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Holiday gift for teacher

This just in: teachers don’t want more mugs from the kids this holiday.

Mish has been going to preschool for a little over a year now, and I struggle with the perfect holiday gift for teachers. My teacher friends unanimously said “gift cards” as one of their most preferred gestures. Of course they appreciate the sentiment, regardless of the form it takes, but I can imagine getting a bunch of random stuff x 30 may get a little tiresome. If your kid recently started school and you’re scratching your head for the perfect gift, do I have the solution for you!

Buy your preferred gift card: Target, Starbucks, etc. Then tie it to a bar of soap with a cute handmade card from your little one. Ta-da! Practical, whimsical and home-made!

Inspired by a post written by @LizDenfeld

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