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How to give your kid a detox bath

Before you write this off as some new-age, LA mom thing to do, there’s some sound reasoning behind giving your baby or toddler a detox bath / soak. While this is totally safe, please consult with your pediatrician or healthcare provider for peace of mind. Also, amazing for adults.

Why do it? - Toxins are more prevalent than before, from the air we breathe, to the toys kids play with, to the foods we consume. Detox baths (or soaks) are apparently a natural way to help the body purge - Then I’m reading a whole host of things like: increases immune function, regulates enzyme activities, relaxes the nervous system… sounds a bit hokey but hey, I’ll take it!

Ingredients: - Epsom salt (2 tbsp toddler, 1 tsp baby) - Baking soda (½ cup toddler, 1 tsp baby) - Bentonite clay (1 tbsp toddler, ½ tsp baby)

How to do it? - Add the ingredients to a warm bath or foot soak and allow to dissolve. - Let your baby soak for ~5 mins and your toddler for up to ~15 mins. - Rinse off well. - Hydrate your kid with milk or water post-bath.

Because Mishka and I enjoy doing the most, we had Vivaldi playing over the speaker and candles lit #ambience.

When to do it? I plan to do a detox bath every two weeks. Or when she’s unwell.

Inspired by The Gentle Nursery, a great resource for creating a non-toxic home for yourself and kids.

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