• Dharma Nemani

"I can't do it... yet"

Mishka was on a playdate with her bestie, when said bestie did an impressive somersault. Mishka proceeded to do one herself only to fall sideways. She tried a couple of more times and then got up in a huff, saying, “I can’t do it, Amma!” through tears. My sweet friend who was with us suggested teaching Mishka to say, “I can’t do it yet.”

This simple, yet powerful shift in words has been helpful in changing Mishka’s mindset when she gets down on herself. I’ve even caught her correcting herself through tears, “I can’t do it…yet” and this warms my heart.

We like this book, “When Sophie Thinks She Can’t” to reinforce the sentiment. Here’s another one called, “I Can’t Do It Yet: Growth Mindset” with good reviews.

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