• Dharma Nemani

Kid products vs. adult products

I don’t know about you, but when Mishka switched to regular milk when she turned one, I was extremely relieved. Knowing she was no longer a fragile infant with super special needs, and had graduated to become a human person who could drink milk out of the fridge made me happy.

In the same vein, I’m ready for Mishka to start using whatever is in our shower. But no matter how clean our products are, I worry about using something that comes out of an “adult bottle” on Mishka. This led me to ask, *in Carrie Bradshaw voice* “are products geared towards toddlers really special or is it just marketing?”

A recent piece on men’s skincare in NYMag reads, “men’s grooming products are a marketing come-on, with ingredients identical to their women’s counterparts. The only difference is the packaging...often in black, as if to lessen potential embarrassment and insecurity.” When I checked the back of Mishka's shampoo and wash (they're both clean options), the list of ingredients included “glycols,” “chlorides” and “ethanols.” So is it all BS? Are toddler products in fact adult products in prettier packaging? Per ush, I’ll save you all the supporting links and break it down:

- Not all chemicals are bad. Some of these crazy sounding ingredients help preserve the product, create lather, etc... - Soaps: The main difference between adult and toddler soap is the amount of chemicals in adults products that create fragrance and a healthier lather - Shampoos: Toddler-shampoos are “tear free” (more diluted / gentler surfactants)

In conclusion, there is no real age cutoff for switching over from toddler to adult products. So long as the adult product is in good-standing with the EWG (free of heavy dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde), it’s totally toddler-safe. Same with shampoos - if you’re able to wash your kid’s hair without getting products in their eyes, no need for a special toddler shampoo.

If you prefer a no-frills, big-box brand wash or shampoo, that has more additives and fragrance, you may still want a separate, dedicated wash / shampoo for your toddler. We still LOVE all our Bubbsi products for Mishka.

I mean, you could make your own wash and shampoo with Castile soap, aloe vera, essential oils...but also don’t because DIYs don’t balance skin and hair pH like store-bought options. And ain’t nobody got time for that.


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