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Love letters to your toddler

Right after Mishka was born, my husband set her up with a gmail account. At first I was a little skeptical of our wee newborn having an @gmail.com extension. But having access to a secure place to write to her has been one of the greatest things ever.

Raaja is more disciplined about writing her emails, recapping memorable, silly and sweet moments from the week. He even suggested subscribing her to Love, Mishka so she can read about all the self-care we indulged in when she was little. We’ve also shared her email address with her grandparents, and they send her the occasional love note. I usually find myself writing her after a particularly rough day, either thanking her for teaching me to find deeper strength within myself… or apologizing for having blown up on her - all about balance right?

We’ll probably give her access to the account when she’s a little older. I suspect she may be too overwhelmed to actually sit down and read all the emails. But it’s been cathartic for us. I highly recommend setting up an email account to securely archive precious memories to share with your littles too :)

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