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Meet my mom friend: Crizen Hasegawa

Crizen and her beautiful family

Can you share a little more about yourself? We have three wonderful kids, two girls, ages nine and six, and a boy, almost four. My life has had its challenges and tough transitions. I grew up in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. when I was 13 years old - not an easy change for a teenager. Next transition was when I changed my career shortly after getting married. I was a product manager at an aerospace company, but I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry. With the support of my husband, I went to beauty school to pursue my dream. I slowly built my business, eventually owning my own salon in Chicago. I was able to give the support back to my husband when he decided to pursue a career in medicine. I had all three of our children while he was in school and training. Since moving to Austin for my husband’s job, I’ve taken on a more active role as a mom at home. I do occasional weddings and I have a small clientele to maintain my skills. The first year was really tough. Being at home has been challenging but I’ve learned to own it. I’m grateful to have this time with my kids and be able to be there for our family as much as possible.

Girl, how do you look so amazing managing three kids, your home and business. What’s your secret?

There is no secret. Believe it or not, diet and exercise work! I make it a priority to eat healthy and find time in my day to be active. I’m up at 5 a.m. most days going to bootcamp but if my husband is working an overnight shift then I will do weights at the gym or go for long walks in my very hilly neighborhood. With that said, I still enjoy the occasional treats.

You guys travel so much...any tips for moms nervous about traveling with kids?

Traveling makes me feel alive and I always told myself that I will not stop or slow down because I have kids. We’ve always traveled with the kids starting at a young age. With my husband’s schedule, he is not always able to travel with us so I do a lot of traveling with our kids by myself. I think kids in general are resilient and can adjust to their environment. More often than not, I believe our kids can sense our anxiety and stress. Staying calm and being prepared is key. Have toys, crafts, books, and treats to make traveling easier. OK, onto toddler hair care questions!

What are some good toddler detangling products?

Most detanglers for kids on the market are great. I prefer ones with tea tree oil for my kids as they can help repel lice which can happen from time to time with school-aged kids. For curly hair to super curly hair, you can actually use regular conditioner as a leave-in. It will help detangle the hair while leaving it moisturized.

Is it OK to blow dry toddler hair? Yes, but only partially. Because toddler hair is more fine and sensitive than adult hair, use the blow dryer to remove most of the moisture, allowing the rest to air dry. Plus air drying will allow children to embrace their hair in its natural state :)

What are some good styling products for boys? We let Kenzo use Daddy’s hair products on occasion but it can get pricey so I would recommend more budget conscious such as Suave Kids Styling Gel.

Editor’s note: Another great styling product for your little man is this Hip Pea’s natural hair styling balm. It’s hypoallergenic and made with 100% natural ingredients - perfect to style your little man’s poofy hair *heart-melt.*

Give me all the tips on caring for curly hair! Less heat and more conditioning treatments can go a long way. You should not shampoo curly hair daily. Go at least every 3-4 days. If needed, you can do a co-wash in between shampoos. Co-wash is short for “conditioner-only washing”. Combing or brushing curly hair when it’s dry can lead to breakage so brush or comb only when it’s wet to avoid flyaways and frizz.

Any easy hairstyle ideas for when your toddler with longer hair wants to leave hair down but you still don’t wanna get it in their eyes? Believe it or not, my girls do not like me touching their hair much less styling it. They both prefer to wear it down so as a compromise (when they let me), I will french braid the fringe area to get it off their face.

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