• Dharma Nemani

Meet my mom friend: Katie Powell

Hello to this amazing community! My name is Katie and I’m honored to share a bit about myself with you today.

There are many things I’d love to use this moment to share but there is one that is more important than all others and it involves the three other faces you see in these photos. They are my whole HEART.

I worry daily about them and pray incessantly this world will be kind to them. I worry when my husband is out later than expected, that he’s had a run in with police. He’s outspoken - like many of his white counterparts. But did he say the wrong thing to the wrong cop? I worry about the moment people will stop seeing my sweet baby boy as an innocent child and begin to see him as a threat. Will it be at age 12 like Tamir? Or my beautiful daughter. She has the most incredibly strong spirit. When does she become “angry” or “ghetto?” Words used to denigrate her and make her question her tenacity. When will the moment come that they are no longer seen as valuable enough to matter in this world? Daily I struggle between feeling so fortunate to be their mom but burdened by what I might have brought them into. Was it selfish of me to want them so badly that I didn’t weigh the cruelty I would be subjecting them to?

I say these things not for your pity, your shame, or your apology. I say them because I want you to look in their eyes. Truly look in their eyes and SEE THEM. See them not as the stereotypes you hear, or the news reports you might read. But open yourself to see them for who they actually are. Imperfect humans…just like you.

Thank you for listening and allowing me to bare a bit of my soul. I’m encouraged by this moment and pray the revolution continues! Be Safe. Be Blessed. Be the Light!


© 2020 Love, Mishka