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Meet my mom friend: Rikita Kapadia

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

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Meet my mom friend: Rikita Kapadia

Stylish, entrepreneurial, amazing mom: these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Rikita. Rikita lives in Chicago and we worked together at a PR agency lifetimes ago. We chatted about the challenges that come with being a new mom, her skincare company and more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have a 21-month-old son, Gael and am the founder of a coconut oil-based skincare company, Cocovit.

We all see and read the glossy, pretty stories about becoming a new mom. But from personal experience, that’s utter BS. What were some of your biggest challenges?

Sleep deprivation! Parents told me to get my rest before the baby and I thought “oh it can’t be all that bad.” My goodness, it’s no joke. I was a zombie the first few months after my son was born and wished I would have asked for more help.

Mom-guilt - we can’t seem to get away from it even though we know there’s no place for it. Hoping the more moms see that we all face it, the easier it becomes to separate ourselves from those feelings. What do you find yourself guilting over?

I feel the most guilt when I’m away from Gael. However, I know that it’s not possible nor is it healthy to be with him every waking moment. I’m finally understanding that stepping away whether it be for work, gym, dinner with my husband or friends or even a mini getaway, I always come back feeling happier and more present which ultimately is what I want when I’m with my son.

What do you miss most about pre-mom life?

I'd say the ability to be spontaneous. My entire day and week is now scheduled, even the days when I'm washing my hair (thank goodness for Google Cal). I know my son does well on a schedule so it's important to me to keep my own day on track.

How do you make time to care for yourself?

Many may not consider this a self-care indulgence but for me, an hour at the gym or my yoga class is not only what I love but absolutely need. Of course a massage here and there doesn't hurt either.

What is one product you love for your toddler?

When my son was born he would have random eczema flare-ups and cradle cap and as a newborn. We hesitated to apply strong creams or steroids and preferred a more gentle option. Given I own a coconut oil-based skincare company (Cocovit), we naturally turned to coconut oil. Since he was born we have religiously used coconut oil on both his skin and hair daily.

Any other beauty rituals you use on your toddler? Can you share some deets.

For the first six months of my son's life, we used a homemade, ayurvedic scrub on the days we gave him a bath (about two to three times a week). The scrub consists of Besan (chickpea flour) and coconut oil. This a natural, moisturizing cleanser.

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