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Mining for gold in your toddler's ears (ewww)

Before I tell you the wonders of this ear wax removal tool with built-in LED light, let’s first discuss the basics of earwax removal. During our last visit, our pediatrician noted that Mishka had some earwax built-up and advised against traditional cotton swabs. I guess cotton swabs actually push wax deeper into the ear canal, causing greater buildup. She recommended Debrox, a “micro-foam ear canal cleanser.” Does that description alone stress you out? Because it did me.

While we were in her office, she used a light-up ear pick to gently scoop out any wax that was at the ear opening. I loved that the tool allowed her to see so easily inside Mish’s ear. After the visit I ordered this and use it once a week on Mish. I never go too deep, only clearing visible build up. You can pull out the pick portion and wash it with soap and water. Also, the tool comes with super cute animal toppers so Mish isn’t intimidated by it.

It’s important to note that I’ve heard you’re only supposed to insert your elbows into your ears - yes, that’s a trick because that would be impossible to do, i.e.: nothing should go into the ear canal. But if you’re looking for something to replace your cotton swab routine, or for an occasional mining expedition in your toddler’s ear, I highly recommend this tool.

Here are some additional tips for healthy ear hygiene:

- Try not to get water, soap or shampoo in your toddler’s ear canal

- When you rinse your toddler’s hair, tell them to keep their head down with their chin towards their chest (if you can actually get your toddler to comply, send me your name and I’ll send you a medal)

- If your little one is on the bottle, feed them in an upright position to prevent liquid from flowing into the middle ear, leading to infections

- After swimming or showering, tell your toddler to shake his / her head to remove water from the ear canal and gently dry ears with the corner of a tissue or towel

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