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Oil cleansing to remove SPF

While most people keep oils in their kitchen, I have most of mine in my bathroom cabinet (somewhere, an Indian aunty shakes her head disapprovingly). Coconut, argan, avocado, almond… just to name a few. According to Sweta Doshi, founder of coconut oil-based skincare line, Bubbsi, toddler skin is “thinner than adult skin, more susceptible to losing moisture and does not contain enough natural oils to sufficiently protect it from pathogens.” She recommends oil cleansing, in place of surfactant-based cleansing because oil dissolves skin’s impurities without drying the skin.

Upon further research, because this is what your homegirl does, I learned that oil cleansing is also the best way to remove mineral-based sunscreen. Apparently oil latches onto zinc and other mineral ingredients in sunscreen more effectively than water-based cleansers. As you know, I preach using sunscreen daily on toddlers. It’s equally important to get the sunscreen off their faces daily too. For Mishka, I massage a small amount of coconut oil all over her face and body before using this Alaffia coconut-oil based body wash in the shower. It’s a family-sized bottle so we actually all use it. But any toddler-friendly body wash as your step two is perf.

I oil cleanse before using a water-based face wash every night to remove my SPF as well. While I love coconut oil for Mishka, it unfortunately makes me break out. In place, I’ve been using this “Then I Met You” cleansing balm as my step one. Also deeply love this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

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