• Dharma Nemani

Pre and post-swimming care

Updated: Jan 15

We signed Mishka up for swim classes a couple of months ago but come class day, she refused to set foot in the water because “the teacher is an uncle! I only want an aunty teacher.” Touche, Mish. We skipped a month and started afresh under an “aunty teacher” recently. In preparation, I read up on pre and post-pool skincare for kids. Here’s the gist:

Pre-swimming: - Deep-condition with oil. Think of this step as creating a barrier between the pool’s chemicals and your toddlers’ skin and hair. This $4 body oil by Trader Joe’s is what we use and it’s spectacular. It’s a blend of lemongrass, almond, coconut and jojoba oils. But just plain coconut oil should suffice. - Rinse skin with clean water. Prior to getting in the pool, rinse under a shower and wear a swim cap to lessen choline absorption.

Post-swimming: - Shower or thoroughly rise off right after. I initially skipped this step so I didn’t have to deal with my toddler and the joys of locker-room showering. But I guess chlorine starts setting into the skin if you don’t get it off quickly. We’ve now come to embrace communal showering, “Look! That girl’s mom isn’t helping her, let me soap myself!” Touche again, Mish.

- Neutralize chlorine with Vitamin C. This, I had no idea but apparently Vitamin C is a proven neutralizer of chlorine’s bond to hair and skin.

You can create a topical spray by mixing one teaspoon of Vitamin C powder crystals into about 500ml of water, according to AquaMobile swim school or follow this fancier recipe by Whole New Mom. Another option is to purchase a pre-made swim spray. This one’s all-natural and ph-balanced.


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