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Protecting your hands from over-drying

Mishka came home boasting that she now has to wash her hands until the song, “row, row, row your boat....merrily, merrily, now my hands are clean” is done. Love it! But all this hand washing and alcohol-based sanitizing can cause your hands to become over-dry. According to a pediatric infectious disease expert interviewed by the Washington Post, cracked and bleeding hands become more susceptible to infections. So let’s keep washing like crazy, but let’s also moisturize accordingly. While your hands are still semi-wet, pat dry with an oil-based cream to lock moisture back in. You know the old school Nivea that comes in the blue tin? That's my go-to. You can refer to this older Love, Mishka post on the best way to moisturize for more deets. I’ve been slathering Mishka’s knuckles with Eucerin / Vaseline every night, before bed too.

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