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Shampoo protection crown

Listen, if you’re the type of mom who thinks a little smarting of the eyes with shampoo is a rite of passage and will toughen your whiny toddler in the long-run, I see you, I salute you, I applaud you. But if you’re weak like me, and cannot deal with the drama that comes with washing your toddler’s hair, then read on.

I recently purchased this insane contraption because Mishka’s hair is getting longer, it’s the summer and I can’t get away with washing her hair just once a week. I was looking for something to keep water from her face while I shampooed. When I read this parent’s review, I knew this hat was for me:

“Does your toddler scream like you're pouring hot lava over their head every time you wash their hair?...We went from hysterics the likes of which I've only seen on daytime soap operas, to blissfully calm and quiet bathing...Highly recommended!”

Couple of things to note: it’s not as sturdy as I would like. A plastic visor might actually be more durable in the long run. Also, it works better when flipped up like a crown like the kid in the picture. If you end up buying, please let me know how it goes.

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