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Skincare timeline

My mother dearest wasn’t religious with sunscreen growing up, doesn’t have a night time face routine, hasn’t used a single anti-aging product in her life, and she looks fresh as a daisy. Her skin is perfection.

I on the other hand, double-cleanse, use essence, snail mucin (girl, I know, I can’t either), a topical product, face cream… basically the works. My mom has always insisted that I need to just stick to soap and water but I know my skin and it would wage a war.

Where I’m going with all this is, everyone’s skin is different. And not everyone needs a 12-step skincare system. But introducing toddlers to a “routine” will set a healthy precedent for when they enter their wonderful, hormonal, teenage years (Woohoo! Fun times await!) Also, regimented skincare for toddlers is pretty common in Asia. Some of Korea’s most popular beauty brands have been launching skincare lines for toddlers. But we don’t need to go that far...simply making toddlers more mindful of skincare is a wonderful first step.

Age 2-5

Whatever gentle soap you’re using on their body, you can use on their face. I use a soft washcloth with Mishka and have taught her to gently scrub her face after I put soap on her cheeks, chin and forehead. Exfoliation 101: check.

Age 6-9

We’re now ready for a simple three-step situation. Step one: cleanse using gentle soap. Step two: tone to get the skin ready for moisture. I steer clear of alcohol-based toners even as an adult. For kids, pure rose water, or homemade cucumber water would be great. Step three: moisturize with a clean, ceramides-rich lotion.

Age 10-13

This is when you can start introducing gentle exfoliants couple of times a week to increase skin turnover rate. You can make your own exfoliants at home - my fav DIY one is lemon juice, honey, olive oil and sugar. But here is a comprehensive list of other DIY scrubbies. Or if you prefer something store-bought, Juice Beauty - one of my fav, clean skincare lines, has a whole collection dedicated to children and teen skin.

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