• Dharma Nemani

Toddler face massage

Pic credit via: @ahjoomahan

The benefits to frequent face massages are endless: enhances skin’s appearance, increases blood flow, reduces puffiness, relaxes and tones face muscles that tend to cause stress lines and most importantly, increases skin’s collagen and elastin. If I could, I would get my face professionally massaged every single day. A girl can dream.

While toddler’s aren’t dealing with stress lines and wrinkles, (yet...never too early for anti-aging regimens, amirite?) face massages are super fun and relaxing. I’ve been massaging Mishka’s face since she was a wee peanut. I think it gets her settled and ready for bed too. It’s nothing extensive, I simply take an extra minute while moisturizing her face post-bath. I massage her cheeks in a circular motion, flick up each cheek rapidly, then gently massage around her eyes. This video is worth the watch and shares all the best techniques… also the little one’s face looks like the cutest little mochi being squished, so it’s just fun to watch anyway ;)


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